Nameica Craig is a dynamic highly sought after Motivational, Transformation and Empowerment Speaker who prides herself on empowering individuals to live their best life fabulously, through self-discovery, wholeness and un-apologetically on purpose. She is CEO of EliSha’ Designz, LLC, (Fashionable on Purpose| With Purpose| For a Purpose) a virtual Fashion Boutique where it’s t-shirt line has been created to display words of affirmation which encourages others to believe in themselves according to who God created them to be and not based on the image the world influences them to become. She is owner of Fabulously Purposeful Empowerment Events, Inc., where she facilitates seminars and workshops on how to overcome the obstacles of life which hinders one from accomplishing their goals and achieving success.

Nameica is also CEO of  The R.A.R.E.(Real, Authentic, Relatable, Extraordinary) Experience, Inc., a Consulting Agency for business owners dedicated to training employees on how to provide exceptional service to the company’s customers and clients for retention purposes. As an advocate for the customer and an expert at building relationships and rapport, providing and receiving superb service is of high importance to Nameica. Upon recognizing a great need for a major enhancement of the customer experience in today’s society and market place Nameica decided to put her expertise to use for the advantage of both the business owner and the customer. This business has been birthed through her twenty-five years of experience in Corporate America as a Customer Experience and a Client Relationship Specialist.

As founder of Defining & Divining You, Inc., mentoring program for girls and young ladies ages 10-35. Nameica is passionate about mentoring and being of positive influence to both young ladies and women from displaced and disadvantaged communities  by helping them to discover who they are in Christ, enhancing their overall character and growing understanding of  their divine life’s purpose. Nameica is a gifted Purpose Coach, dedicated to transforming the lives of others from the inside out through self-awareness, mastering the mindset and building the confidence and character required to walk boldly in purpose. She utilizes knowledge and wisdom from life experiences with an innovative and proactive approach designed to help her clients be their best selves by providing Biblical insight and practical solutions that help them move forward into their divine destiny with boldness, confidence and passion.  Nameica is a profound writer who has written content for local blogs, magazines and publications. She’s a published Co-Author of Spirit of Big Boned Women and currently completing her first book entitled Girl Affirm YourSelf! A 90-Day Devotional to be released in early 2017. From eight years’ experience in the Fashion Industry as a former Model, Fashion Editor and Image Consultant to being an on air Co-Host for a Blog Talk Radio Show to Public Speaking, Nameica has an impeccable track record of a purpose driven life.

Nameica has earned the title Overcomer because of the many life altering events, which through these adversities, she is now able to transparently give testament to the goodness of God, His grace, mercy and strength.  Nameica is a big dreamer! A visionary and has had many failures and successes. Giving up has never been an option for her. Quitters never win!  After all of life’s setbacks and disappointments the one thing she was able to take from them is that they were all lessons. These lessons makes her passionate about teaching others how to perceive the oppositions they face throughout life merely as opportunities for advancement, just as she has. Her resilience has been birthed through these adversities which enables her to coach others who may be experiencing what God graced her through. She is a powerful Intercessory Prayer Warrior who hears the voice of God and stands in the gap for those in need of spiritual strength. She is a messenger of hope for all.

Nameica is a 2016 Phenomenal Woman Award recipient. She was anonymously nominated by a social peer as one of Atlanta’s most influential women on Social Media. With a servants heart of gratitude Nameica strives to build and leave a legacy of excellence that will make a profound impact on society for many generations ahead of us. Nameica enjoys lifting others as she dominates up the latter of success on purpose!

Nameica’s a dedicated wife and mother who considers herself a POWERHO– USE, INFLUENTIAL and IMPACTFUL LEADER!